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Drawings not to standard scale?

Do you get drawings that were originally drawn to scale, but because the drawing has been reduced in a photocopier or fax, the drawings are at an odd scale?

Do you get drawings in a metric or imperial scale and you don't have the correct scale ruler available?

Scale-Ruler is the answer

Scale-Ruler simply requires you to enter a dimension length on the drawing and the actual length of the dimension line. Then Scale-Ruler will calculate the precise scale of the drawing and create a Scale-Ruler for you at that exact scale.

Simply print the Scale-Ruler, fold back the paper, and start taking measurements.

A Must-Have Tool For:

  • Estimators
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Draftspeople
  • Anyone who takes measurements from plans or blueprints

Scale-Ruler supports both Metric and Imperial measurements.


This is a great program - I was lost without it!
- Jon Rankin, North Carolina USA

As a large sized decorating contractor we often have problems with finding the right scale to measure drawings. The scale ruler program has become the most useful programme we now use for accurate scaling. I personally would like to thank CADMethods for their help !
- Paul Dowdeswell - Managing Director PA Decorating Group Dorset UK.

Most plans sent via email are never to scale, this does the trick!!
- Phillip Martin, South Australia

Scale Ruler has become my go-to tool for turning photos and drawings into workable plans. Nifty product.
- Bob McCown, MA USA

I have found the Scale Ruler an absolute must to enable a quick reference measure on downloaded drawings and would recommend it to other users.
- Mike Hunnybun, U.K.

This program is a "must have" for any estimator or user of drawings that loose their scale due to "print to fit" options when printing out drawings. This easily shaves off ½ the time in my quoting tasks. I can't imagine going back to calculator divided by flat ruler scale readings ever again. Thanks for everything,
- Dan DeMarco, Anchorage USA

Awesome! I love this program!
- Jeff Hockenbroch, PA USA